The History of Sand Point

Photogallery rendered here.

The Beginning

In 1946 our Great Grandpa Albert and Grandpa Harold purchased 108 acres on the Mokelumne River in Acampo, California. The original ranch, the River Ranch, was planted in 1948 to the fresh table grape, Cardinal, and grapes grown for wine programs, Carignan, Zinfandel, and Tokay. One of the two low lying blocks of Tokay’s was seven acres of river basin which is a affectionately known as Sand Point.

The face of Sand Point has transformed over the years, beginning with the flood of 1950 that severely damaged half of the Tokay’s planted. Five years later a second flood wreaked havoc in the same half of vineyard, making an easy decision for Great Grandpa and Grandpa to pull out the ruined vines. This bare area of Sand Point became a playground for the family where many summer weekends were spent playing baseball, which turned into beach time on the banks of the Mokelumne River.

Adventure Along the Way

For our dad’s (the twins), Randall and Brad, it was more than just weekends spent at Sand Point. Any time Grandpa Harold headed to the River Ranch to work the vineyards, Randall and Brad were with him to run the river. And if Grandpa wasn’t heading that direction, they were biking the 5 miles from home with their friends to Sand Point to build rafts, float in tubes, and discover the best swimming hole of the season to hang the rope swing. Many times the day of fun extended to overnight camping, where they lugged out mattresses and slept under the open sky, looking forward to continuing their adventure the next day.